2010 Paris Auto Show debut video: Is the C-X75 Concept hybrid supecar really the future of Jaguar?


Jaguar says that the new C-X75 Concept Hybrid supercar is the future of the company.

But we’ve heard those same words before from countless other automakers.

The funny thing is that it took a small start up California company called Tesla to make those words a reality in the auto biz. Unlike any of the established automakers, Tesla proved that electric sports cars are here to stay.

Now all of the big boys are jumping on the EV and hybrid bandwagon.

Will Jaguar really committ to a hybrid and/or all electric car future?

Time will certainly tell but the C-X75 Concept hybrid supecar is certainly a stylish and sexy first step.

Check out the video below as the new hybrid cat leaps onto to the big stage in Paris.

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