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2019 Fusion gets price hike

Bowing Out: Ford Fusion Quietly Ends Production As Blue Oval Completes Its Shift To...

After fourteen years in production, the Ford Fusion quietly rolls off into the history books, as preparations continue to build the new Bronco Sport in its place.
2019 Fusion gets price hike

It’s All Over: The Ford Fusion Will Reportedly Die On July 21

According to a new Ford Authority report, the 2020 Ford Fusion will end its production run on July 21, leaving the Mustang as the brand's last car standing in America.
2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid: One of the Most Well-Rounded Options Out There [Review]

OVERVIEW The 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid carries over all its features from the previous model year. That's no bad thing, however, as the Fusion Hybrid...

Is a Ford Fusion Faster than a Fiesta ST? We find out on Is...

Welcome back to another episode of TFL's original game show: Is it Faster than a Fiesta... ST. We pit your cars against our 2018...
2018 Ford Fusion Energi

2018 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum: Topping Out the Fusion Lineup with 610 Miles of...

OVERVIEW Last year, Ford refreshed the Fusion Energi with an exterior facelift along with several significant interior upgrades. Ford also added a more upscale Platinum...
2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Taxi

Will the Ford Fusion Actually Live on Forever? New Fusion Hybrid Taxi Shows There’s...

Despite Ford "officially" killing the Fusion by 2020, it may still live on as a taxi. The Ford Crown Victoria has diligently served as America's...
Blizzard Bound in a Ford Fusion rental

It’s Called What Now? Blizzard Bound in A “Well-Used” Ford Fusion Rental [Video Review]

Welcome to "4 Dudes in a Midsize Sedan", where we road test a Ford Fusion rental in a bid to beat a Chicago blizzard Almost...
2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium: Ford Hybrid Goes Upscale [Review]

There are two hybrid versions of the Ford Fusion – a standard, non plug-in electric Ford Fusion Hybrid, and the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in...

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