The next step beyond the 4X4: the Stryker 8X8 fighting armored vehicle first look


Here’s an interesting question.

Can you name just one 4 + 4 (not 4×4) eight wheel drive vehicle?

Give up?

One answer is this IAV Stryker eight-wheeled, 4+4-wheel-drive, armored fighting vehicle.

BTW: Here’s another interesting fact according to Wikipedia, “The vehicle is named for two American servicemen who posthumously received the Medal of Honor: Pfc Stuart S. Stryker, who died in World War II and Spc4 Robert F. Stryker, who died in the Vietnam War.”

We had the chance to check out the Stryker at the recent Chicago Auto Show. At 1.4 million dollars the base Stryker may be one of the most capable off-road vehicles ever made. Of course it’s probably also one of the most expensive off-road vehicles ever made.

Check out the first look video below as we get up close and personal with the M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle.

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